This package gives you access to the Nool restaurant. If you want to enjoy an already established three-time gastronomic menu while enjoying nature, this package is the one for you. We offer delicious traditional Yucatecan food of the highest quality.

If you will like to have access the Nool restaurant and order by the menu instead of buying the Nool package, it is possible by making a reservation to 9999026005

What to bring?

• Sunglasses
• Biodegradable sunblock and / or repellent
• Hat
• Bathing suit and towel

General Restrictions

• It is not allowed to enter food and / or drinks into the park
• Use of mandatory life jacket inside the cenote
• Food or drinks are not allowed inside the cenote
• No pets allowed
• The abuse of alcoholic beverages is not allowed
• Drug use is not allowed in the establishment

Accredit by selecting the following Customer Types

• Mexican and Yucatecan (INE, Passport or Card)
• Elderly (INAPAM)


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Nool Package


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