These ancestral rituals have been preserved over the years through the stories of the Mayan descendants, through archaeological finds and the conservation of culture in Mexico and Latin America. They are full of symbolism that connects with the universe, the elements of the earth and with the Mayan gods to create a spiritual union.

The Mayan ceremony begins with the reception of the bride and groom by a Mayan warrior, who will accompany them down the stairs until they reach the altar where the priest awaits them to begin the ceremony and give them the blessing of the sacred marriage, according to Mayan traditions, to through a pact of love with spiritual purification.

There, some vows are made where corn, cocoa, etc. are shared. (rings if the bride and groom wish, not included), the scene is harmonized with Mayan music performed with instruments such as the flute, ocarina, drum and conch, a small dance is performed at the end of the ceremony.

Costo total
$13,000 MXN


• Mayan ceremony in the cenote from 8:00 am to 9:00 am totally private. 

• 5 Mayans for the ceremony, table or altar for making the vows, background music, flute, ocarina, drum and conch. 

• Buffet meal for 2 people (complimentary fresh water). 

• Swim in the Chichikan cenote (includes locker and vest).


From Sunday to Friday (we do not perform ceremonies on Saturdays) The price is for two people, in case there are additional people at the ceremony the cost is $100 pesos per person, it already includes swimming in the cenote, locker and vest.